Karate-Do The Peaceful Way

Practice for adults

We practice aligning our mind, body and emotions, controlling our balance and breathing to allow energy to flow and make a connection with our opponents and friends. We are a non-sport form of karate, so we do not enter competitions—the greater challenge is within oneself.

A soft body and fluid movement is important to Shotokai, so some practices aimed at getting into a relaxed state can feel strange the first time, but are always fun.

Whatever the practice, throw yourself in and you will be surprised by what you can achieve!

How much does it cost to practice?

The Shotokai College does not run to make a profit, so all fees will cover the cost of venue hire and insurance, any surplus will be ploughed back into the club to help its members.

There will be a weekly subscription of £5 for 2 hours practice to cover hall fees.

If you decide Shotokai karate is for you, all members will also affiliate to the Shotokai College to cover administration and insurance liability. The annual subscription is around £60.

There are no charges for gradings (beyond usual course fees).

What to wear for your first practice

Wear loose fitting clothing, jogging trousers and a t-shirt will be fine. We practice Shotokai karate in bare feet, so shoes are not important.

The traditional karate uniform, or gi, can be supplied anytime and cost around £15.  



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The Shotokai College Credo

If you’re tired – practice

When life is heavy – practice

When you’re happy – practice

When it’s cold and wet – practice

When it would be easier not to – practice

The way of Karate is to practice

To explore the very edges of human experience

To discover what’s possible

To enjoy the art of living

To honour the past

To dream of the future

To live in the present

Community through Artistry & Grace

Practice times: Monday: 6:30—8:30 pm

Venue: Sketty Park Community Centre,

              Heather Crescent, Sketty Park. SA2 8HS

What to expect from practice

Turning up to your first karate practice can be daunting, especially if you do not know what to expect.

Shotokai is different from many people’s perception of what practicing a martial art is all about. The first thing people often notice is how quiet we are—there is no shouting when doing the moves!

Feel free to turn up and join in or email swanseashotokai@live.co.uk for more information